Catrina by Maria Picazo


As afraid of death as I am for its uncertainty, I always saw La Catrina as what it simply was, the end of a life. As much as it was dressed up all fancy, with that remarkable hat of hers, the somber thought of what laid under it was horrifying. Even the way it was artistically protrayed by adding layers of white powder and even blushed cheeks was absurd.

An elegant woman with no hat but still rocking that red lipstick. This is my depiction of a modern day Catrina.  Even though time passes, as many other things do, the symbolism stays the same. She is making an effort to still look alive, this time by pouting.  Now, look at her eyes and immerse yourself in the hollow that is inside of her.  As hard as she tries, don’t let her trick you into believing that her heart is still pumping.

Maria Picazo