Exploring Femininity

Local emerging artist Hope Gerlay premiers HER, an exhibition containing paintings and charcoal drawings depicting modern femininity. The series explores the transition and growth of womanhood through time and different cultures. Gerlay states she drew from her own experiences for inspiration.  

“The feminine rising is what I wanted to portray; with all the pseudo-feminism and philosophies from around the world on being a woman I felt like I needed to send a message,” said Gerlay. “And that message is determined by the viewer.”

While Gerlay is originally from Santa Fe, NM, she has traveled throughout the Pacific Northwest, Paris and Jerusalem finally settling in Las Cruces, NM. She primarily focuses on painting and drawing mentored by husband and renown artist Carlos Estrada-Vega.

She uses Estrada-Vega’s secret patented medium for her artwork. “I blend the medium with pigments to create whatever hue I want, apply with a spatula or brush depending on the thickness,” said Gerlay. “It is mainly an oil mixture with some limestone dust and it is quite a time-consuming process.”

“When I first met Hope I thought this young lady has an innocence about her—yet the more I have come to know her, she’s this pillar of incredible strength and learning her journey in art and life have opened my eyes,” said The Art Avenue Gallery owner, Kimberly Rene’ Vanecek. “Her artwork is definitely part of her voice and her voice speaks novels through her paintings.”

Gerlay and Estrada-Vega’s work will be on display in its current form through June, 2017 at The Art Avenue.

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