Habitat for Plantae


By Melissa Castro

DSC_1715Native El Pasoan Jorge Aguero brings the beauty of the outdoors inside with his dainty terrarium creations. These miniature glass-enclosed gardens have made a comeback since they were last big in the 70s. The Art Avenue sat down with Aguero to learn more about his green thumb.

What inspired you to make terrariums?

While living in Philadelphia I came across a man outside a coffee shop selling terrariums. I was fascinated and bought a couple from him. I befriended him and after he stopped selling them I started making them myself.

Is there a plant of preference to use in the terrariums?

Succulents, ferns and moss only because they don’t require much maintenance. Those types of plants also thrive in El Paso’s climate.

DSC_1709Tell me about the containers you use?

All the glass containers are recycled.   I find them at thrift shops around El Paso.

What is the maintenance like for a terrarium?

Making sure you have the right plants for the right climate. Above all it really is just making sure you don’t over water the plants because they survive on condensation like all outdoor plants. Also, because of the condensation cleaning the glass can be a hassle.

Aguero’s recycled glass terrariums can be found adorning the tables at the Downtown El Paso restaurant Tabla and at OM Boutique and Hair Salon. 

Photographed by Alejandro Cardona