‘La Boheme’ Comes to El Paso


For two nights this April, Puccini’s classic bohemian love story “La Bohème” comes to the Abraham Chavez Theatre for the first time in nearly a decade.

“It’s a very truthful story about kids who go to the big city, Paris in this case, to make their fame and fortune, and find love,” Garbarkewitz said.

www.heribertoibarra.com (915) 252-7071The story follows down-on-their-luck lovers Rodolfo and Mimi in 1840s Paris. Their fortuitous meeting comes when Mimi, whose candle has gone out in the stairwell, is aided by Rodolfo’s flame. Hands touch in the darkness and the pair fall in love. However, when Mimi’s incessant coughing can no longer be ignored, Rodolfo worries she will die. In the coldness of a sparse artist’s garret, the young couple find out what love can endure.

The El Paso Opera will bring vocal talent from New York City. Soprano Danielle Walker makes her El Paso debut as Mimi, and emerging young artist Won Whi Choi plays the love-struck poet Rodolfo.

Performances at the Abraham Chavez Theatre April 10th and April 12th

Tickets may be purchased through ticketmaster.com using the code “exclusivo” to receive a discount.

La Bohem Stage Set-Paris Cafewww.heribertoibarra.com(915) 252-7071www.heribertoibarra.com(915) 252-7071www.heribertoibarra.com(915) 252-7071