Stefan Falke


By Kimberly René Vanecek

“I feel more free here in Juárez than other towns east of here on the border. It’s the actual feeling of the freedom, not necessarily what you see.”

Words from photographer Stefan Falke, a German born, self-taught photographer from Brooklyn who ventured the Mexican border searching for something other than stories depicting bloody murders and mass shootings. What Falke found was the reemerging art scene that was slowly flourishing.

Over the course of four years, Falke witnessed works from 150 border artist and documented over 75,000 photos. Some of the creative’s he photographed in our region include the colorful and vibrant works of Jellyfish Colectivo, a group of artist focused on graphic design, street art, and murals. Gabriel Diaz, a painter who expresses deep emotion through acrylic on canvas. Monica Lozano, a photographer whose love for her culture is captured in her work and Angel Cabrera, an artist who makes a mockery of weapons.

Photographs courtesy of Stefan Falke