Yin and I

Sabi Wabi, oil on canvas, 16″ x 20″

Did you know that in Webster’s dictionary there are 8 different meanings for ‘art’?  For example: “High quality of conception or execution as found in works of beauty” or “esthetic value”.  Art has allowed the human race to communicate through imagery, without words and often without obvious meanings.  Art has manifested itself in every culture so much so that human evolution is often defined by the objects produced during every defined era of our walk on this planet. Humans turn to art to understand themselves, to discuss history and to define moments or feelings. From the expressions of cave drawings to computer designed pixelation, art has been a way to communicate ideas and trends.

I have been and continue to study art forms and work on my art skills.  After beginning my foray into the art world 15 years ago, the last 12  I have felt art touch my soul to become the passion that guides my steps in life.

This presentation is an ode to divine femininity manifest in everyday activities and conversely the lack thereof. An unmade bed, a native woman walking in the middle of a street on a rainy day, an African grandmother and a young African female, a Jewess; manifestations of the simplicity and profundity of the ‘everyday’ female. As I prepared for this show my appreciation of the ‘divine feminine’ and that of my own femininity grew exponentially.

Chiarrah, oil on canvas, 28″ x 22″

I very much hope that when people see the show, some of my perception of the feminine experience is projected and captured; that the vibrancy of color touches one’s, heart.  Painting, drawing, sculpting, and most other visual art are subjective.  Therefore, each person will assimilate from the collection an experience that is there for them based on their unique life experiences and culture. In a sincere and forthright way, I am just exposing my heart.

It is the work of the artist to present a piece of art that manifests simply that which it is. Conclusions are left to the spectator (to speculate).

Labor of Love 2, oil on wood, 7″x 7″

The body of work that is presented is of a singular vision of subject that strongly resonates within me. At the same time, it is my profound mission that the observer’s mind and heart draw a ‘gestalt’ that is free and distinct from the artist. Science and common sense have proven women to be more emotionally receptive, though we each have a masculine and feminine aspect with a spectrum of feelings ranging from compassion to jealousy. My desire is to show those human traits within the context of the ‘Yin’. Yin representing the capacity to be receptive. Yin tends to be ‘giving’ oriented rather than self-oriented. Yin is balanced by the male energy, yang. To take care of others one needs to be taken care of too! 

I focused my efforts on the femininity because in many parts of today’s world yin is a secondary thought when not totally ignored. The dominant yin of women allows for the adaptation to the stages of life, preparing them for the procreation. Yin also gives them the ability to overcome obstacles and is more powerful. Yin is not passive, manipulative, or even slightly dishonorable. Yin is magnetic, healing, enlivening, calming our yang while enjoying its protection.

These are my thoughts.

What’s your truth?