Art Camp on the Edge of Enrichment and Excitement

School is out.Summer is here.

What will your kids do with their free time?

Experience a summer filled with color! Art camp
is the answer to summer boredom. The Art Avenue Gallery Summer Camp 2017 will teach the basics of art, from
watercolor to contemporary styles including abstract and street art and much more.

Art education isn’t just fun.  It is educational.   Art has the potential to expand a child’s horizons and enable them to see in a different light.  

“You would be surprised how many people don’t know what primary colors are,” said Kimberly Vanecek who runs the art camp and is the owner of The Art Avenue. “I can’t tell you how excited I am to share art with the youth in the community and help build upon a foundation in the arts. The kids leave here with the basic knowledge of color theory and a broader artistic vocabulary and palette to share.”

Art education programs help foster creativity which in turn can lead to a multitude of benefits. According to Parents Magazine, investing in creativity, parents help children develop mentally, socially and emotionally. Creating art can boost a child’s ability to problem-solve in a myriad of ways says Mary Ann F. Kohl, author of Primary Art: It’s the Process, Not the Product.

The ability to manipulate a paintbrush or colored pencil can improve motor skills. Children dabble in science when they experiment with colors and techniques. 

Feeling good while creating and collaborating creates pride in the work produced. This can boost self-confidence. When children experiment and feel free to make mistakes, they invent new ways of thinking. Thinking ‘outside the box’ breeds creativity. Artistic creations are born through problem-solving. According to the Washington Post, developing these skills are fundamental to success in any future career.

Recent research has shown participation in art education improves children’s abilities to concentrate and focus on other aspects of their lives says Kohl. “We are learning new words and meeting new friends,” said Ava Hernandez, 10, a student in the summer art camp. “Meeting new friends in my favorite part!”

The summer art camp provided by The Art Avenue and led by Vanecek allows children ages 6-13 to learn about art history and theory in tandem with physical projects which focus on the theme of the week.

“This program is intensive,” said Vanecek. “I teach them the history of art, instead of just how to paint. They learn about the artist. They learn the foundation of art.”

The art camp lasts for eight weeks from May 30- July 21 with morning and afternoon sessions.

Each week covers a different theme. Students can pick and choose the weeks they want to attend.
For more information, feel free to contact us at 915.231.4318 or