The Art Avenue Selfies


TAA wants to know: where is the best place around the Borderland to take a selfie? Is there an iconic or artsy spot? If so we want to see your selfie in that location. Group and solo selfies welcome. We are offering a $25 gift card to a local eatery for the person whose selfie has the most likes on our Facebook page.

It’s simple:  take a selfie, upload your photo to our Facebook page ( and have all your friends like your post by April 4 at midnight (MST).

selfiesWe thought we might start by posting the team’s selfies.

1- Jorge I. Calleja
2- Alejandro Cardona
3- Julio-César Chávez
4- Elena Marinaccio
5- Victoria Molinar
6- Lauren Pinson
7- Kimberly Rene’ Vanecek
8- Brian Wancho