The Art Whisper


By Laura Pinson

By recycling and repositioning what you already have in your home, Robin Ramsey Fox,  El Paso’s very own Art Whisper, says you can establish an environment conducive for the energy flow you need to bring you what you are looking for out of life. A large part of her job is helping her clients explore their motivations behind purchasing a painting or piece of art. “The question many people fail to ask themselves Fox says is “Why did I put this piece here? Do I really want my family’s photo in this spot, or did I just copy and paste it from Pinterest?”

whisperer_bmapOften times, Fox is called into professional office spaces to rearrange furniture or artwork. She uses a Bagwa map as her guide to getting the correct flow of energy in a space. She claims to even be able to rearrange a desk to make you more productive or prosperous. According to one of her clients, a proper energy flow can be used to bring happiness into your life, and *gasp*… even spark things up in the bedroom!

So what is the energy that is flowing through your space? Are you setting yourself up to receive all that you want out of life? Fox suggests that if your curious how to DIY and create a better energy flow in your space there is an App for that. Search for your own Bagwa map and start letting wealth, health, love, and prosperity into your universe.

Illustrations by Brian Rutter