Agave Rosa Gallery showcases local artist


By Mariana Caballero

Photographed by Karina

Agave Rosa Gallery is featuring abstract artist Yeunhee Lee. IMG_9067 Lee was born in South Korea and after getting married, traveled along the West Coast and eventually made El Paso her home.

In 2007 she began her masters at UTEP in the master of art in art studio. This is when she found her love for abstract art, “I felt that realism was a little boring to me, with abstract I feel like I can express myself more”.

The balance of light, color, and the simplicity of lines in Lee’s artwork are apparent while she uses only a white canvas and black paint.  Lee’s artistic abilities are unique to her, through her cultural experiences she has been able to blend different elements together, “Observation of diverse cultures and the resulting adjustment in my life’s experiences has provided important elements and the creative spark for my work.”