Let’s do the Time Warp again!


By Victoria G. Molinar

Nearly a thousand attendees came to the lab to see what was on the slab at Saturday night’s free showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Presented by the El Paso Community Foundation for the 7th annual Plaza Classic Film Festival, the movie was projected on an inflatable screen between the historical Anson Mills and Plaza Motor Hotel buildings.

Fans of the cult classic dressed up in their best Rocky Horror garb, with many young men sporting corsets and fishnet hose while women were adorned with wigs, flamboyant glasses and party hats.

But it’s not a true Rocky Horror Picture Show experience without the audience participation. A tradition since the 70s, many members of the audience brought prop bags filled with things to toss up in the air:  handfuls of rice during the wedding scene, water squirting from toy guns and water bottles during the rainstorm scene and pieces of toast when Dr. Frank-N-Furter proposes a toast.

We asked some audience members to strike a pose for The Art Avenue Magazine and captured fun moments as the film played into the evening.

The film festival will continue for the next several days until Aug. 17. Visit PlazaClassic.com for more info.

Photographed by Victoria G. Molinar