Ale Bremer


By Kimberly Rene’ Silex

Her jewelry designs are created from non-traditional, donated, and recycled items, all of which are heavily influenced by her Mexican heritage.

Metal smith and graphic designer Ale Bremer takes a piece of fabric, a soda pop top or even “Loteria” cards and transforms these items into sterling silver jewelry.

She creates rings, bracelets, necklaces and broaches with a clean and minimalistic design. Bremer says her rings are pieces she feels to be a medium of the reflection of the world we live in. The world we have created for ourselves, and the world we have become accustomed to.

Originally from the Chihuahua area, she was schooled in El Paso, Texas and her works can be viewed locally at the El Paso Museum of Art, The Lynx Museum and online at . She currently works and resides in New York.


Photographs courtesy of Ale Bremer