Jamon Endiablado

By Kimberly Rene’ Vanecek

Are the days of button-up and plaid shirts over? Are Aéropostale, Izod, Polo and Burberry forever gone? Has the trend in fashion switched so immensely towards alternative clothing with designs that depict pigs walking on the moon and octopuses that teeter on stilettos?

This trio of artist are creating a sub-culture of t-shirts. Illustrator Gerardo Vargas is inspired by society. “It is about being alive, staying observant of what surrounds me. The fantastic interpretation of parallel worlds and being able to create from the magic I see in objects and then to transmit it to the world,” noted Vargas

Monica Villa is the creative director who manipulates the unique art pieces and transfers them onto the t-shirts. The third collaborator on the project is Art Director Diego Chavez who says they create “Wearable art.” “It is the brand’s motto and its mission is to let each person become a walking canvas on which a piece of art is showcased. There are infinite quantities of flaky images and scarce information, so a piece of art must be strong in order to stand out.”

The three talented artists are originally from Chihuahua and their label is humorously named Jamon Endiablado. “We actually thought Jamon Endiablado was a funny name for a clothing line. It means ‘devil ham,’ and, no, there is no religious connotation. We all laughed and wanted everyone in our path to be tickled by it,” noted Villa.

The designs of Jamon Endiablado can be found in El Paso, San Francisco, Milwaukee, Provincetown, Chihuahua, Monterrey, Jalapa, Juárez, and Mérida.

You may also find their work online at www.jaonendiablado.com

Photographs courtesy of Jamon Endiablado