Gregg Holguin


By Jeremy Pack with Kimberly Rene’ Vanecek

Artists are creating new ways of expressing themselves each day. Whether it is through photographing dolls in blenders, painting murals 10 stories high, or inserting LED lights into metal and calling it jewelry.

Metal smith Gregg Holguin incorporates LED lights with an intricate silver chain, which linked itself to four separate silver hoops. Each hoop held a metal encased LED light that changed colors periodically. The front of the metal was etched with “P175”, which illuminated the name of that particular collection.

He says he enjoys using the lights because he feels they are a distraction with a subsequent meaning. In this piece, the meaning runs deep for Holguin. “P175” was a paragraph in the German constitution that was amended in 1935 during the Holocaust. The amendment expanded the law that made sexual acts between men a crime. Thousands of homosexuals were exterminated in concentration camps during that time.

Each of Holguin’s collections contains either a political meaning or manifestations of his personal addictions. “All of my work comes from a very dark place that I’m trying to make positive,” stated Holguin. He goes on to say that he is inspired by stand up comedians, “The comedians talk about social and political issues right in your face and they make you laugh!” He says the same about his jewelry, by wearing the pieces he creates; the individual is a walking pulpit of politics.

Photographed by Peter Svarzbein