It’s getting louder, busier and more exciting in Downtown El Paso–restaurants, hotels, bars and boutiques have seen an increase in business and much of that surge in customer traffic can be attributed to the attention residents are paying to a pack of Chihuahuas that have taken over Southwest University Park.

El Paso’s own Triple-A team is purposefully marking its territory on the $72-million state of the art “dog park” located at 1 Ballpark Plaza, hoping to bring a resurgence of visitors and a renewed sense of excitement to baseball and to the center of El Paso. The first Chihuahua homestand was successful as the new team dug their teeth into its new digs and sold out all but one of its games.

It was great to hear so many fans praising the design of the ballpark and clever labeling of everything from seat sections (Woof Top Deck) to the mascot itself (Chico). So I gathered a few dog-isms and came up with some clever lines we El Pasoans can use when we support and defend our Chihuahuas and our territory.

I kissed a Chihuahua and I liked it!

You don’t have a Chihuahua? Your life must be boring.

To you it’s just a baseball mascot, but to El Pasoans it’s a small, furry and ferocious dog named Chico the Chihuahua…GRRRRR!

Keep calm and let the El Paso Chihuahuas get ‘er done.

If you are unhappy with the name “Chico” for our mascot, we will gladly lock you out of the dog park until after the game.

Once again the ferocious bark of the El Paso Chihuahuas scared off its competitor.

El Paso Chihuahuas–the alpha dog–enough said!

The Chihuahuas put a leash around the River Cats and showed them who was boss.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are just a dog.  You are an El Paso Chihuahua and they’re gonna hear you bark,

Oh oh oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh oh oh

Those who cried foul on the parking opportunities or what they thought were the lack of them in Downtown during the game should be placed in time-out!  Patrons of the games are not complaining and say they have been willing to pay $10 to park near the venue. Event organizers have all agreed that the intense training on traffic control they received helped drivers’ transition in and out of the Downtown area in an orderly manner.

Congratulations to MountainStar, the ballpark’s owners, who were obedient in honoring their promise of presenting one of the best ever designed ballparks and in a timely manner. Now go, catch a game and kiss a Chihuahua.