Mexica Legends

The first of its kind at The Art Avenue Gallery…a collaborative effort of visual and live art combined with a stunning musical performance.

Mexica Legends is a collaborative effort of works by Joey Delgato and Diego Martinez and inspired through the musical influences from tenor Rodrigo Garcia Morelos and soprano Paola Treviño Todd from OME.  After listening to Aztec Myths & Legends: A Narrated Concert by OME, Martinez reached out to Delgato and initiated a project that would intertwine the artists styles fused by Aztec legend.

Martinez unrestrictive and expressive style combined with the minimalistic surrealistic manner of Delgato lends bold colors and strong expressive lines in their collaborative pieces.

The duo said they wanted to share their passion supporting the continuous drift among myths, legends, history and music of the Aztecs as well as get in touch with their own cultural roots.  “Culture, life, and death is something we are all connected to from the moment we are born, by doing this show I have discovered aspect about my Mexican heritage and it has given me a sense of who I am,” said Martinez.

Delgato says he collaborates with Martinez on several projects, but this particular event challenged them more than anticipated. “We got together and listened to the music of OME and looked up the aztec legends that their songs are named after. We looked up Aztec and Mexican art to get an idea of the style and colors often used to capture the essence and symbolism of Aztec art. Once we got that down we sketched up some ideas to figure out how to combine our styles to create these pieces,” said Delgato.

“This is a first for The Art Avenue Gallery, to have a thematic exhibit where the arts and the music support one another.  I am excited to bring the live musical component to the evening and adding live art at the same time.  We strive to make a change—an impact,” said Kimberly Rene’ Vanecek, The Art Avenue Gallery owner.

Garcia says the collaboration didn’t have guidelines and the artists were free to create how they wanted but he said he wanted to impact people.  “We hope that through this exhibition, by combining epic and powerful music with astonishing, colorful visuals, we can contribute to bring people closer to their roots, history, oral tradition and mainly their heritage in a fun and creative way,” said Garcia.

Mexica Legends will display collaborative works by Delgato and Martinez combined with new solo works.  The exhibit opens Thursday, August 27, 2017 at 6 p.m. with musical performance by OME at 6:30 and live art starting at 7:30.

The Art Avenue Gallery hours are Tuesday –  Fri. 11:00  a.m. – 5 p.m., at 1618 Texas Ave. Suite E. For additional information or questions, please email or call 915.213.4318.

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