Veronica Leiton – Landscapes of the Soul


Over 2015 Veronica Leitons paintings will travel to museums around the world, she will publish her second art book all while working on a video and mural at the same time.

Leiton originally from Santiago de Chile, lives in Ciudad Juarez and opened her home to The Art Avenue, speaking with writer Carmen Becerra Allen about her life experiences.  Leiton touches on her sense of order, perseverance, infinite peace and most importantly, how she translates that into her artwork.

What does painting represent to you?

Painting is everything to me. It is my life, my passion and everything I have is because of it. I am a hundred percent devoted to it and I always bare in mind that talent is not enough, it requires a lot of discipline to develop in this art. This art is a very noble profession that has allowed me to travel and see a lot of places, to get to know me, do research and experiment, and be always in an internal search. Painting is my great companion.

Do you have a mission in your life?

I think that we all came to this world with a mission—in my case, this mission is and will be to offer my creation and work to people. My life purpose is to be happy and know that through my art, people can enjoy, feel and be amazed with new landscapes, which most of the time are landscapes of soul.







To read the complete interview pick up a copy at OM Boutique at The Mix in Downtown El Paso.

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