The 14th Annual Artistic Celebration of our Mountains


The 14th Annual Artistic Celebration of our Mountains is a juried exhibition at Ardovino’s Desert Crossing which aims to show the beauty enclosed in our regional mountains with art and the participation of local artists. The show consists of 14 artists, exhibiting in various mediums, the landscape of the mountains the surrounds us. Artists were invited to participate since June and the pieces were juried in August.The juried selected the best 25 pieces and they choose First, Second, and Third place. This year’s winners are: 1st place Alex Briseno with the piece Framed, 2nd Place Susan Russell with the piece Rafting the Canyon and 3rd Place Candy Mayer with Desert Vegetation.

The show has various mediums such as photography, collage, oil acrylic, and more. One of Jurors invited to helps us select the pieces was Kerry Doyle Director of the Stanlee and Gerald Rubin Center for the Visual Arts. The pieces will remain on display in the Sunset Hall until the next year, which is one of Ardovino’s Desert Crossing’s facilities for events. Pieces will remain on sale until further notice.

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