The Art of Energy and Pranic Healing®

By Lynn Provenzano

Hands moving in a circular motion, a scoop and a swish. These are the movements of a Pranic Healing Practioner. The keys to this practice are concentration and the life force known as prana.

Master Stephen Co, Pranic Healing lecturer, teacher, and co-author of Your Hands Can Heal You, says “By using ancient spiritual laws, anyone can use this universal life force to accelerate their vitality and accelerate their own healing.”

Integrative healing modalities are becoming more prevalent as people look for ways to improve their wellbeing. Developed by the oriental healer Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, Pranic Healing claims to improve the quality of lives through prana, a life force energy (a bio- energy) that is available everywhere- earth, air and sun. For those tuned into energy work, it’s also known as chi or ki.

Ailments present first in the bio-energy field before manifesting in the body. The principles of the practice are twofold: cleansing and energizing. Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui developed a cookbook approach in energy work that cleans out the dirty energy and replaces it with clean energy so the body can heal.  Anyone can do this. Medical professionals in facilities, such as Kaiser Permanente in Las Angeles, find this system a good complement to traditional medicine.

Pranic Healing was introduced to El Paso in 2007 after a small group of local alternative healers were guided to classes with Master Stephen Co, a disciple of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui.  El Paso now has more than 150 Pranic Healers with a free Pranic Healing clinic offered by LIGHT ( on the first Sunday of every month.

Contributing writer Lynn Provenzano spoke with Master Stephen Co and provides insights into the world of Pranic Healing.

How does Pranic Healing work?

Master Co:  Pranic Healing works by using simple easy-to-follow techniques consisting of breathing exercises, concentration and visualization skills to harness prana, or life force, to increase the healing rate of physical, emotional, mental imbalances.

How did you find your way into Pranic Healing?

Master Co:  It started in 1988 when my wife fell from 14 feet and broke her hip bone. The orthopedic surgeon said that it would take three and a half months before she could start to walk. I searched for a faster way to make her better. That’s when I found Master Choa Kok Sui, the originator, teaching it in the Philippines. After using the techniques on her, in two weeks, she could walk; in five weeks, she could run. I continued to use this on loved ones and friends with great success. At that point, Master Choa Kok Sui sent me to the United States to teach.

Who can use this source of healing?

Master Co:  Pranic Healing allows everyday people from all walks in life to tap into this universal life force to accelerate their own healing and the healing of their loved ones without jeopardizing their own health. We do this by emphasizing energy hygiene. This is why many health care professionals integrate Pranic Healing into their practices.

To read the entire story, pick up a copy of The Art Avenue  at The El Paso Museum of Art.

Master Co returns to El Paso in October 2014 with thought provoking lectures and intensive classes for those seeking improved quality in health and wellness.

Introductory Lectures with Master Stephen Co

Free Events

September 16 Protect Yourself from Negative Energies                                                    September 17 Miracle of Crystals, Gemstones, and Pranic Healing                                               September 17- Self Pranic Healing and Re-charging

Class Details:   Info: 915-449-0619

Photos: Book signing with Master Stephen Co at the Doubletree Hotel El Paso on September 15th.

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