Cultivating El Paso’s Future

Cultivating2-01-01By Oscar Garza & Kimberly Rene’ Vanecek

Producing your own food, learning to become a master gardener and indulging on some healthy bites were the highlights at Cultivate, a lighting forum about local food systems and sustainability sponsored by the El Paso Community Foundation.

The most recent event was catered by The Green Ingredient and those attending the forum heard talks from five experts in their fields discuss participation in master gardening, community gardens, sustainability and agriculture.

“It’s everything from the people that run restaurants, to people that are growing their own food in their backyard, to community gardeners to non profits and others,” said Gary Williams, senior program officer of the El Paso Community Foundation. “It’s all part of education, connect the dots, let people know what’s going on and keep it going on a regular ongoing basis.”

Tyler Savage, consultant for the El Paso Community Foundation, said the event offers the opportunity for people who are also looking at starting their own business and becoming more involved in the industry. “There are a lot of people out there with ideas that they might not necessarily have the resources or the time to access things to make them happen,” Savage said. “So the idea was to put together innovators and people who are interested in the local food industry and sustainability to start collaboration and hopefully spur other people into action.” The next Cultivate will be October 23, 2014 at the El Paso Community Foundation Room. Entry is free of charge.

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